Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Blog! K-Eyebrows!

What Up Blogging World! Well, First Blog.. First Blog.. What should it be about? OH DUH! Wengie! New Youtuber, personally my new fav, and the reason I created this! :D lol anywhooo! She's got a giveaway going on! Check It Out: ^__^

ALSO! Check Her Vid On K-Eyebrows!

So... Korean Eyebrows Huh? The secret to their beautiful never-aging faces.. I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SAY EYEBROWS ARE CUTE (but they are! OMG I SAID IT. Don't judge.) All us K-pop lovers already know.. shooooooooot.. I LOVE IU'S EYEBROWS<3

Even the guys have straight brows! \(^__^)/


Grrrrrrrr! Just gimme them! LOL!! I never do my brows.. and I'm  wayyyyyyyy to scared to cut them myself.. I mean.. EEK! What if I messed up?! GAHHH! My eyebrows are pretty (REALLY) uneven right now, but it's all good because my bangs are covering on of them! xD hate having horrible brows........ .__. I remember trying to shave them when I was young.. it didn't end well.. HAHA.. ha..... wahhh.. I try to fix them now! They're okay-ish, but I still cover one of them! >.< I don't hate them as much as I use to... But remember guys! EYEBROWS, they can really change how you look!

Hara can look beautiful anyway!! *O*